Thank you to all that have come to a VrTech Event and left us a review! You guys rock!

As an owner of a small property portfolio, it can be an isolated job. An event like this can offer a lot of expertise and information in a short space of time, as well as an opportunity to network. I found the event eyeopening. It is making me ask more questions perhaps than it answered which is probably a good thing!

Lynne Lister – Sept 14th 2017 – VrTech Edinburgh

My first VR Tech event and as a sponsor. It was a really informative night and it was great to meet others in the industry. I really enjoyed sharing our experience with the attendees and hearing about other exciting VR Tech. I would highly recommend coming along if you are in the VR sector.

Julie Grieve – Sept 14th 2017 – VrTech Edinburgh

Very impressed with the evening I attended in Edinburgh. I met several interesting people and gained some valuable information. The presentations themselves were maybe a little short but on the whole they were informative. I didn’t really know what to expect of the evening but I think it surpassed my expectations and I would attend again if possible.

Alan Wilson – Sept 14th 2017 – VrTech Edinburgh

Je voulais prendre 5 mn pour te remercier pour cet évènement de dingue hier à Paris, qui a été sans doute la plus belle chose qui me soit arrivée ces dernières semaines! En seulement 3 h de temps, grâce au VR Tech, j’ai eu les réponses à toutes les questions que je me posais, et des insights inattendues, c’est juste fou!

Ah, et très important: le networking qui suit les pitchs est LA chose la plus “valuable” du Vr Tech. Tous les intervenants et les participants sont géniaux et généreux, l’ambiance te met vraiment super à l’aise (en plus de la bonne charcuterie et fromages 😉 ).

Je suis reparti gonflé à bloc! Vanessa, encore MERCI, MERCI, MERCI d’organiser tout cela!

Yann Bricombert – Oct. 6th 2017 – VrTech Paris

We love the concept of the VrTech events with quick product overviews and more time to talk with presenters after or network with colleagues.

Gail Boisclair – Oct. 6th 2017 – VrTech Paris

Great networking and interesting industry insights. Highly recommended for VR professionals. Will return for sure.

Guillaume Bril – Oct. 6th 2017 – VrTech Paris

Great event ! amazing opportunity to stay on top of the vacation rental industry.

Pierre Rouleau – Oct. 6th 2017 – VrTech Paris

The VrTech event was a perfect opportunity to meet new people from our industry, give feedback and our perspective as property managers and to discover products and innovative solutions which could help our business grow.

François Lavie – Oct. 6th 2017 – VrTech Paris

Very professional training organisation, serious but also with good mood!

Philippe Bos – Oct. 6th 2017 – VrTech Paris

Thank you Vanessa for a wonderful evening at VrTech. Great people and well managed event. Looking forward to more.

Ritesh Raj – Oct. 6th 2017 – VrTech Paris

Well organized, the themes were well developed by competent people. It also had a local touch given by Bettanin. Gave perspective on the future of the industry. An excellent chance to network. Nice place and brilliant / fun food choice (who doesn’t like pizza and beer!)

Riccardo Pompilj – Jun. 7th 2017 – VrTech Rome

It’s just super cool to be invited to such a happening right after work, meet people from the environment, make connections, hear great speakers.

Guglielmo Parasporo – Jun. 7th 2017 – VrTech Rome

Why did I love it? because it’s a tremendous networking opportunity.

Antonio Bortolotti – Jun. 7th 2017 – VrTech Rome

Working in this industry can be quite isolating (particularly when you’re based in Ausralia!), so to be able to meet others in the industry, to talk, learn and share information, in a casual environment is invaluable. I’m looking forward to attending more!

Deborah Labi – Sept 14th 2017 – VrTech Edinburgh

The event was a really good insight into the Vacation Rental and Technology ecosystem. It is one of the few that I have come across and one that focuses solely in the area that we are looking into. Well organised and interesting attendees and speakers. I will definitely attend the next one.

Jonathan Whelan – Nov 10th 2017 – VrTech London

I really enjoyed the event – hearing from and networking with suppliers and competitors within the industry was very interesting.

Anna Smithson – Nov 10th 2017 – VrTech London


Very good presentation. Smart, informative in a friendly way, friendly location and with friendly people!

Paolo Marroccu – Nov 10th 2017 – VrTech London

VRTech is a fantastic networking group, and a great source of information and latest trends!

Robert Jackson – Nov 10th 2017 – VrTech London

Very much enjoyed the casual atmosphere and the networking opportunities. There were some great guests attending the event.

Olaf Belgraver – Nov 10th 2017 – VrTech London

It is great that it is “after-work”, so nice to sit back and listen to new ventures and technological tools that you might not hear of otherwise. It is compact and manageable, not requiring preparation. It is also a great networking opportunity.

Cristobal Barrionuevo – Oct 17th 2018 – VrTech Madrid

The VrTech event is of extreme value to property managers of short-term rentals. This type of initiative creates synergies and dialogue. Sharing knowledge is growth.

Tatiana Oliveira – Oct 17th 2018 – VrTech Madrid

I thought it was really great. I liked that it wasn’t too long and that the presentations were clear and concise. I also liked the post-event networking that gave us all an informal way to connect. I would highly recommend these events and will be attending more in the future.

Julia Daly – Oct 17th 2018 – VrTech Madrid

VR Tech is an event with a great format. In one hour it gives the chance to catch up with whatever innovation is emerging in the vacation rental industry. It is a great networking opportunity and it is free of charge. Keep up the good work!

Paula Gheis – April 24th 2018 – VrTech Barcelona 2018

Great event organized by VrTech. Interesting speakers and conversations around what’s new and innovative in the VR industry.

Magda Boix – April 24th 2018 – VrTech Barcelona 2018