On the 7th of June 2017, VrTech Members met at the Cinema dei Piccoli in beautiful Rome for an afterwork with top industry professionals including Matt Landau from the Vacation Rental Marketing Blog, Marianna from Rentals United, Stefano Bettanin from Property Managers Italia, Alex Nigg from Properly and Fabio Bufalini from B2Book.net.

Vivere de Turismo kindly filmed the event live on Facebook (Mostly in Italian)

Thank you Vreasy and Rentals United for sponsoring.

After the event we asked attendees if they would attend a VrTech Event again and 100% said they’re extremely likely to attend one again!

Thanks everyone for coming, so you next time (Edinburgh 7th of September 2017 and Paris 5th of October). To  be invited just make sure you’re on the list.