Vacation Rental Tech Meetups

It’s afterwork, it’s informal, it travels, it’s VRTECH! Our community regularly comes together to share ideas and visions. 

How it works

Meetups are designed to create lively conversation and social interaction for vacation rental professionals regularly.  This helps us stay up to date on industry happenings, engage in new innovation, and meet each other over bites and drinks. 

Short Talks

1 hour of short talks, hot seats, panels and open discussions.


1 hour of networking… We have consumed – who’s counting – lots of pizza and beers

So how can I attend the next event?

Our members get notified by email. Oh yeah did we mention all our events are free? And becoming a member is free too? Yup, and all it takes is filling in the form and showing up at the events if you reserved a spot. We don’t mind cancellations but we hate no-shows.