Delight Your Guests With GuestView Guide’s Digital Concierge

The challenges of the pandemic, as well as the subsequent surge in demand for vacation rentals, have taught property managers that they need to: Increase their operational efficiency; Maximise their profit on each booking; Provide an impeccable guest experience (even with reduced staff). Luckily, there’s a product on the market that proposes a solution to all of these challenges: the GuestView

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smart thermostats for vacation rentals

3 Smart Thermostats for Vacation Rentals to Save Energy & Costs

As a property manager or owner, it can be difficult to estimate the cost of your energy bills for each month with the constant coming and going of guests.  You’ll have some guests that are very conscious of their energy usage, and you’ll have others who forget to turn the heating or AC off before they leave. Over time, these extra

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smart locks for vacation rentals

The 5 Best Smart Locks for Vacation Rentals

Since the beginning of 2020, check-ins powered by contactless technology have become the new normal for vacation rentals across the globe. In fact, guests now prefer keyless solutions over in-person key handovers, according to Breezeway’s Property Operations report.  It’s not surprising: smart locks offer a more flexible, streamlined, hygienic and safe solution for both property managers and guests. There are many

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Pandemic Pivots in the Vacation Rental Industry: How 12 Tech Companies Changed Course

The pandemic changed the face of the vacation rental industry in countless ways. As travel was turned upside down, guest expectations and booking behaviours changed radically. In response to these changes, tech companies abandoned their plans and built new products and features with lightning speed to help property managers soften the blow.  Furthermore, numerous tech startups were born, bringing never-seen-before solutions

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Increase Your Revenue With Yield Management Experts & an Automated Rate Tool

If you haven’t tried dynamic pricing yet, you’re missing out. It’s a must for property managers in today’s competitive market, and for good reason. Frequently adjusting your rates helps you generate more revenue and get the most out of your properties.  However, not all property management companies have the expertise required to build sophisticated revenue management strategies in-house. Luckily, there’s no

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Maximise Revenue and Streamline Operations with Angel Host

Whether you’re a property manager or investor, it can be difficult to find the balance between maximising your output and maintaining a healthy level of time and effort that you put into your operations.  Furthermore, managing everything on your own may mean that you cannot effectively optimise every aspect of your business. This can impede solid growth in revenue and business

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VRTECH Startup Competition 2021: Meet the Finalists

The voting is closed, and it’s time to announce the finalists of the VRTECH Startup Competition 2021. These three startups will have the chance to pitch their products in front of a distinguished audience at the Vacation Rental World Summit and compete for the VRTECH Award. Find out who they are!

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VRTECH Competition 2021: Meet the Judges

Who will win the title of Most Innovative Vacation Rental Startup of the Year? The race is on! Meet the expert judges and property managers who will vote for the tech startups whose solutions impress them the most.

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VRTECH Startup Competition 2021: Vote for Your Favourite Startup

The time has come to vote for the most innovative startup in the vacation rental industry. For the fifth consecutive year, the VRTECH Startup Competition, sponsored by Rentals United and Howzat Partners, brings the most innovative young startups into the limelight. Out of twenty contenders, three finalists will be selected, by: 1. Public vote 2. A panel of expert judges (we

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3d virtual tours for vacation rentals

How to Create 3D Virtual Tours for Vacation Rentals & Top 5 Providers

If you want to get more bookings and make your vacation rental listings stand out from the rest, why not create 3D virtual tours for your guests to explore? 3D tours allow you to showcase your property in detail. Instead of relying on their imagination, guests can view every aspect of the inside and outside space. Moving from room to room,

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