How to Boost Your Brand and Increase Direct Bookings With StayFi’s WiFi Marketing Solution

If you get most of your bookings from OTAs like Airbnb or, it’s challenging to build relationships with your guests.  Listing sites are notorious for restricting communication between property managers and guests. They withhold guests’ phone numbers and email addresses, so you can only contact them through their own messaging system.  This creates barriers for property managers who want to

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vacation rental maintenance and housekeeping tools

Top 5 Vacation Rental Maintenance and Housekeeping Tools

Vacation rental maintenance and housekeeping is not only a huge operational overhead, it also takes lots of time to manage. First, there’s regular cleaning. On top of that, you have plumbing, security systems, electronic appliances, fire alarms, heating, air conditioning and more, which all have to be kept in good condition. Swimming pools, gardens, and other amenities need even more care.

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20 most influential people in vacation rental technology

The 20 Most Influential People in Vacation Rental Technology

Despite the difficult year behind us, the vacation rental industry is continually growing and claiming its space in the world of travel. Property managers have shown incredible resilience in finding ways to battle the challenges they faced. In their efforts, they were aided by vacation rental technology that’s more streamlined, more connected, more specialised and more empowering than ever before. Technology

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top dynamic pricing tools for vacation rentals

Top Dynamic Pricing Tools for Vacation Rentals

Pricing is one of the biggest challenges for vacation rental property managers. If your rates are too high, you risk losing bookings to more competitively priced listings. However, set your prices too low and you’ll miss out on profit. As supply and demand fluctuates throughout the year, it’s crucial to make sure you always have the right price at the right

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The 8 Best Plugins and Widgets for Your Vacation Rental Website

Having a well-designed, well-built vacation rental website is crucial for getting commission-free direct bookings.  However, if you’re using a generic website builder or WordPress theme, it may not have all the functionalities you need to take online bookings, accept secure payments and offer a great user experience to potential guests. Luckily, you can make up for those missing features with plugins

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Vacation rental check-in apps

The 5 Best Vacation Rental Check-In Apps for Property Managers

Vacation rental check-in apps are a win-win: they help property managers save time and money, and provide a better experience for travellers. New technologies are emerging to help property managers get guests checked-in faster and ensure they comply with local laws and regulations.  In the wake of the pandemic, there’s even more demand for self-check-in apps as they reduce face to

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