Whether you’re a property manager or investor, it can be difficult to find the balance between maximising your output and maintaining a healthy level of time and effort that you put into your operations. 

Furthermore, managing everything on your own may mean that you cannot effectively optimise every aspect of your business. This can impede solid growth in revenue and business expansion. 

That’s why it’s crucial to find support. Working with a team of rental management experts is a fantastic way to boost your revenue and streamline your operations whilst allowing you to focus on the future of your business. 

Angel Host is a property and revenue management company that does just that. Through its team of experts and latest tech solutions, Angel Hosts claims that any properties managed with their help will outperform their markets by at least 35%. 

In this article, we’ll explore Angel Host’s solution in more detail, and take a look at how they helped Latido de Mexico skyrocket their vacation rental business. 

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How does Angel Host maximise the performance of your rental properties?

Angel Host is a team of expert rental property managers specialised in the short-term and vacation rental industry. They help to help maximise the revenue of property managers and owners across the globe. 

Initially founded by award-winning entrepreneurs in the US, Angel Host’s team is a group of skilled, dynamic professionals who know the global property rental markets inside out.  

Through the integration of advanced tech solutions and proprietary revenue algorithms with a genuine human connection, Angel Host is able to streamline your current management processes to reduce outgoing costs and time spent on management, so that you can focus instead on growth.

The company has a variety of management products to choose from. Whether you need just one area of your property management taken care of, or you need someone to manage the entire process, Angel Host offers a solution for it all. 

Angel Host’s products are specifically designed for property managers. Their solutions have been carefully developed to cover almost every aspect of property management, from the very beginning to the very end. Let’s take a look at some of the features Angel Host offers to property managers worldwide.

Algorithm-based property listings for optimal ranking

Angel Host creates the perfect property listing through algorithm-based solutions that help your properties stand out in competitive markets and ensure they are promoted on all the major booking platforms, including Airbnb, Booking.com, Guesty and Expedia. 

Furthermore, Angel Host promises top-quality listings through professional photographs and optimised writing that, in turn, will allow your properties to rank highly. 

Dynamic pricing to maximise revenue 

The Revenue Management Team at Angel Host combines their expert knowledge with technology to create an effective pricing strategy. 

Angel host maximises your revenue by calculating the perfect rates and promotions for your properties on various platforms. Your pricing strategy is then continually monitored at all times for the latest dynamic pricing solutions. 

24/7 reservation team for guest experience

Angel Host’s multilingual reservation team handles reservation enquiries from guests all day, every day, in order to maximise your conversion rates. 

The team also analyses and tracks all discount requests, claims for property damage and rental reviews to enhance guest experience to receive all positive reviews. 

How Latido de Mexico property management has skyrocketed with Angel Host

Latido de Mexico is a property management company that currently manages approximately 40 different vacation rental properties in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. This well-established company’s success is mainly due to its reputation in the local community, and its hands-on and personable approach to property management. 

We spoke with Monica Hartlief, Owner of Latido de Mexico, to find out more about how Angel Host transformed the way they were managing their properties. 

Monica told us that they initially contacted Angel Host after struggling with having enough time and people available to handle local property management due to the ever-increasing demands of rental platforms. The team at Latido de Mexico was also looking for someone to help with financial operations, specifically in order to calculate dynamic pricing to maximise their revenue. 

Monica said that the reason for their choice in Angel Host was due to the fact trusted professionals had recommended them. When investigating Angel Host and their experience and features, Monica said they offered “clear information and understanding of the local vacation rental market”, which was exactly what they were looking for. 

Freeing up time to focus on growth 

Angel Host took over the property listings on platforms for Latido de Mexico’s properties so they could focus on the local management instead. “We no longer have to put time and energy in managing the listings on the ever-changing platforms,” said Monica. 

Through Angel Host’s expert team and algorithm-based listings, not only does Monica and her team have more time to focus on other aspects of the business, but they experienced major growth in their performance. 

Since working with Angel Host for a while, Monica has already seen a massive difference in their property management company. “[It’s] Busier than ever but in a good way. More rentals, excellent communication with us and our guests. I feel confident in our ability to continue to perform well in the rental market with Angel Host as our partner,” she said.  

When we asked who they would recommend Angel Host to, Monica responded with, “I would say other property managers, although I wouldn’t like to lose our ‘edge’. I would also recommend Angel Host to owners but I think that having a local property management company is essential.” 

Using Angel Host as your property management solution

As you can see, Angel Host’s team of rental property managers offer their experience and tech-based solutions to streamline your management processes and maximise your revenue. 

From the beginning with optimised property listings, to the end with enhanced guest experiences, Angel Host constantly monitors and improves your performance so you can ultimately focus on growing your business.

In terms of pricing, Angel Host allows you to access all of its incredible property management features – from optimised property listings to 24/7 reservation management –  for just a 10% commission on rentals (plus sales tax if you are based in Canada).  

Angel Host’s commission rate is calculated on the net booking revenue (which includes accommodation fees, cleaning fees, pet fees, insurance surcharges, damage claims, cancellation fees or any additional fee charged). However, this does exclude any taxes, credit card fees, channel booking fees, and security deposits. 

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