direct booking strategy lodgea

Build a Powerful Direct Booking Strategy with LODGEA

In the past couple of years, hotel and vacation rental guests have become savvier when it comes to finding the best deal for travel products online. As a result, they’ve been increasingly turning to direct booking channels instead of going through large OTAs.   This has led to an urgency for accommodation providers to offer a smooth, user-friendly direct booking experience and

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mr alfred pms

Reduce Your Operating Costs & Boost Your Revenue With Mr. Alfred

The pandemic has ruthlessly underlined the shortcomings of vacation rental businesses worldwide. One of these was undoubtedly the need for automating operational processes.  When bookings and revenue suddenly dropped to zero, but operational costs continued to stay high, property managers were forced to improvise to try and keep their businesses afloat. These events made the need for effective operational tools abundantly

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Boost Your Profits With a Unique & Powerful Revenue Management System

In the past few years, revenue management has become an indispensable pillar of vacation rental property management. As a result, several revenue management platforms have appeared on the market, promising invaluable data insights and expert help with finding the optimal rates for your rentals every day. But how do you know which one is right for your business? In today’s article,

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Manage Your Rentals with a Smart Property Management System

There are plenty of PMS tools on the market, but few offer property managers such an easy and efficient solution as Hostify.  The startup is based in the USA, with offices in Bulgaria and Spain. Since launching in 2018, Hostify has helped property managers keep track of more than 28,000 listings in 43 countries. Their mission? To bring the most up-to-date

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enhance guest communication with saba

Enhance Your Vacation Rental Guest Communication with a Virtual Host

Guest communication is a major time drain for property managers large and small.  Answering the same questions over and over again, giving personalised recommendations to guests, and upselling extra services can take hours out of your day.  In our previous articles about vacation rental chatbots and check-in apps, we listed some tools that can help you tackle this problem by automating

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