Contactless has been the buzz word of the year. With the world astutely aware of the potential risks associated with physical touchpoints, travellers are starting to demand a contactless experience. It’s a trend that property managers certainly can’t ignore. 

The gradual switch to contactless technology started years ago, as property managers began to offer solutions like keyless check-in. However, the demand for new tools has accelerated in the past year as property managers look for ways to eliminate hygiene and safety risks for both staff and guests. 

If you’ve been struggling to find an intelligent contactless provider, we have good news for you. There is an all-in-one solution that will help you streamline your operations while improving the guest experience. 

In this article, we’re introducing Operto. They provide property managers with a software platform to help manage access, temperature control and occupancy monitoring. We’ll show you how they can help enhance your business through the example of Everlong, a property management company with 50 properties in the US. 

Thanks to Operto, Everlong has been able to provide privacy and security across their entire portfolio, saving them both time and money as well as improving customer satisfaction. 

Let’s dive in:

Home automation increases convenience for both property managers and their guests  

1. Keyless entry solutions 

According to research, guests prefer keyless entry solutions over in-person key handovers that require action from the property manager or front desk staff. In 2021, many guests expect the convenience and flexibility of a fully secure, 24/7 self-check-in, with no in-person meetings required. 

Operto seeks to respond to this demand commonly encountered by property managers. Their flagship Smart Stay solution fully automates guest entry by programming unique entry codes for every reservation onto keypad locks, all from a single platform. 

This has several benefits for property managers, such as: 

  • A unique entry code is given to each guest, so you do not have to worry about changing them after each departure. 
  • You receive an alert when your guests check out, which means you can get your cleaners into the property quicker. Plus, you can offer early check-ins to guests as an additional service, increasing guest satisfaction and adding a new revenue stream to your business. 
  • Each team member receives a different code, so you have a log of all property entries for enhanced security.

Did you know that Operto won the VRTECH AWARD in 2019? If you have a tech startup in the vacation rental space founded before 1st January 2021, you could be in for a chance to win this prestigious award! The closing date for applications is the 30th of May. Apply to participate here.

2. Noise and energy monitoring 

Operto’s platform also offers a curated collection of hardware and custom-built software products designed to make smart devices technology meaningful for short-term rental providers.

More and more property managers choose to automate their vacation rentals due to the many benefits such as enhanced guest optimisation, energy-saving, and noise control to stop over-occupancy of their properties. 

Operto’s range of smart stay solutions help to achieve all of the above. But what makes Operto different is how they’ve automated all the various smart stay solutions to “speak to each other”, helping to streamline operations and provide property managers with meaningful data.

For example, CO2 monitoring on its own is an accurate way of monitoring occupancy and avoiding unregistered guests at your vacation rental. But combine it with the other inputs and you get a complete reflection of what’s going on at your property.

For instance, CO2 monitors tell you when a guest is inside (but being very quiet or still) far more accurately than motion sensors. If you combine this with smart lock data, you’ll know exactly when a property is empty, so you can turn off the heating or air conditioning and save money on utility bills. 

Thanks to this, Operto can be an invaluable tool in a property manager’s tech stack. It can help keep your guests, staff and neighbours informed, safe and content. 

How Everlong implemented Operto’s property automation system 

Everlong is a US-based property management company. They offer a hands-on “boutique” approach to managing their guest interactions and owner portfolio, which has been key to their success. As such, they needed a home automation system that would contribute to offering an enhanced guest experience, privacy and security. 

“Security was our primary concern. Operto’s unique code system and ability to integrate with Netatmo for noise and occupancy monitoring gives our team, but more importantly our owners, peace of mind,” said Rodric Lenhart, President of Everlong. 

Sure enough, one of Operto’s main advantages is that it gives property managers total control of the check-in and check-out process, providing guests with security as well as saving time and money.

But it also provides privacy for the guests and peace of mind to property owners. Operto’s noise monitors record decibels, not conversations, and their CO2 assesses the number of occupants, not who they are, meaning that guest privacy is never in question.

Everlong uses industry-leading technology to provide top-of-the-line hospitality. As a result, it was vital for them to find a solution that would be flexible, integrate easily and grow with their company.

“We interviewed several companies that offer similar services, but it was Operto’s team that sealed the deal for us. Their ongoing support and proactive approach sold us then and continue to impress us today. We recently switched PMS software, and our first question to the dev team was, ‘do you integrate with Operto?’. It would have been a hard no if not. They are a core part of our business,” said Rodric.

After working with Operto, Rodric is more than happy with the results. 

“We would recommend Operto to anyone. They have fair pricing, reliable tech, and top-notch customer service. What more can you ask for!”  he said. 

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